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Micah Tutt 

Founder & Director 

Sound K9


Sound K9 is a top-rated dog training company in Western Washington. At Sound, we use basic obedience as the foundation of building an everlasting bond, trust and respectful relationship between you and your dog. Sound uses balanced training to ensure clear communication between you and your dog.


Your dog will start by learning sit, down, stay, come and how to properly heel. Once your dog has learned these commands, you will find that with our training your dog will have better focus, respect for you, and enjoy life knowing what both you and your dog want and need from each other.

The Sound team has extensive experience as well as advanced education in Animal Welfare & Behavior (University of Edinburgh) Dog Emotion & Cognition (Duke University) as well as being Nutrition and Fresh Food Certified. 

Sound K9 works with rescue organizations to ensure all dogs have the best possible chance at life. We also work with responsible breeders to support the improvement of dog breeds.

Whether you are looking to bring a new dog into your life or have a dog already and need training or nutritional advice, reach out and we will help you along your journey.

Stephanie Welch

Co-Founder & Head Trainer

Sound K9

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