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Your dog will start with an evaluation so we can create a plane that works for both you and your dog. We will then make sure we implement the training in a way that both you and your dog understand. You will be surprised with the results you can gain when you both understand, learn together, and start working as a team.

The Sound K9 team has extensive experience as well as advanced education in Animal Welfare & Behavior (University of Edinburgh) Dog Emotion & Cognition (Duke University) as well as being Nutrition and Fresh Food Certified. 

Sound K9 works with rescue organizations to ensure all dogs have the best possible chance at life. We also work with responsible breeders to support the improvement of dog breeds.

Whether you are looking to bring a new dog into your life or have a dog already and need training or nutritional advice, reach out and we will help you along your journey. 


We primarily train out of our Kirkland Wa location. All boarding and board and training take place with our training at their home in Marysville Wa. Gov. Training locations vary depending on the needs of the contract.

A young dog and a young boy looking at each other.


Owner Micah Tutt with his dog

Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Lynnwood, Everett & Surrounding Areas


Founder & Director

Pet & Working K9 Trainer

Micah has been studying and training dogs for over a decade and the journey has grown organically. Micah says learning to train dogs is a skill but learning to connect with your dog, build a deep personal relationship and work as a team is an art.

He holds certifications with Duke and Edinburgh Universities in dog cognition and animal welfare, and is also a certified police K9 decoy/trainer.

In the early days he learned the skills to train dog and leash work, but he was not satisfied with that alone. Many trainers learn a style of training and it works for enough dogs that they stay in that space. This is where the saying, the only two things dog trainers agree on is that the third trainer has no idea what they are doing. For Micah, rather than being set in one way of training the skills he has learned went into his toolbox.

Dogs must first be taught how to learn, and that learning is fun and continuous. Dogs aren’t robots that you just simply program. They are living animals with emotions and can make choices. It is our job to help them make the choice that allows us to not only live together but enjoy each other for life. Even though dogs may share traits and share similar behaviors they are individual beings even within the same breed with individual personalities.  


Our approach is to help blend you and your dog's personality and lifestyle needs to create a real relationship with respect for each other, while allowing the dog to express its “dogness” as well as its individual personality.  



Pet Trainer

Stephanie has been with Sound K9 since the beginning. She has over a decade of expierence working with and training animals. Stephanie was a horse training before getting into dog training. We are truly lucky to have her as a founding member of our team. 

Stephanie trains both pets and working dogs and is primarily doing board and training for Sound K9. She is highly selective on the dogs she takes on. 

Stephanies results, recommendations and wait list speak to the level of training she provides.  

Trainer Terry Wilson with his Belgian Mallinois, Farrah.

Kirkland Wa


Pet Trainer

I’m Terry Wilson, a dedicated dog trainer with a passion for working with large breeds. From an early age, my life has been intertwined with animals, beginning with horses in my youth through 4H competitions and extensive trail rides with my mom and the Back Country Horsemen. My fondness for animals was further cemented in my teenage years with the arrival of Maxie, my first American Staffordshire Terrier. Maxie's presence was instrumental in shaping my understanding of reactive dogs, highlighting the loyalty and joy that comes from training such remarkable animals.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of raising and training several pit bulls and pit mixes, transforming them into wonderful family companions. My advocacy for these breeds led to a significant victory in overturning breed bias laws in Yakima County, a testament to my commitment to fighting for fair treatment of all dogs.

Recently, I said goodbye to an exceptional pit mix companion of 11 years. Now, I'm channeling my experience into training a Malinois X, a rescue from the Woof Project, aiming for success in sport trials.

My mission is simple: to foster a harmonious relationship between dogs and their owners, ensuring a healthy, joyful coexistence for everyone involved.

The University of Edinburgh
Duke University
Pet Food Nutrition Specialist
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